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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014GA based adaptive controller for 2DOF robot manipulatorVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2017GA based optimal location and size of the distributed generators in distribution system for different load conditionsShivarudraswamy, R.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Jayalakshmi, N.S.-
2019GA-PSO: Service Allocation in Fog Computing Environment Using Hybrid Bio-Inspired AlgorithmYadav, V.; Natesha, B.V.; Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti-
2020Gain Enhanced Dual-Band Differential Fractal Slot Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting ApplicationsPolaiah G.; Krishnamoorthy K.; Kulkarni M.-
2022Gait Features-Based Human Recognition ApproachesR, AnushaC D, Jaidhar
2010Galex observations of diffuse ultraviolet emission from DracoSujatha, N.V.; Murthy, J.; Suresh, R.; Henry, R.C.; Bianchi, L.-
2013Gallery monitoring in blasting gallery panel during depillaring - A case studyKumar, Reddy, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2014A game theoretic approach to a self managing MOOC based distributed systemSharath, N.; Parikh, S.S.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2015Game theoretic approaches for job scheduling in cloud computing: A surveyAnanth, A.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2017Game theoretic modeling of gray hole attacks in wireless ad hoc networksDoshi, C.K.; Sankaranarayanan, S.; Lakshman, V.B.; Chandrasekaran, K.-
2016A game theory based resource scheduling model for cost reduction in home health careXie, Z.; Sharath, N.; Wang, C.-
2018Gamma irradiation effect on structural, optical and electrical properties of organometallic potassium hydrogen oxalate oxalic acid dihydrate single crystalMahendra, K.; Nayak, K.K.; Fernandes, B.J.; Udayashankar, N.K.-
2013Gamma radiation shielding characteristics of concrete mixes-the state of artSanthoshkumar M.; Narasimhan M.C.; Nkarkera B.-
2020GARCH Model Identification for Stock Crises EventsNaik N.; Mohan B.R.; Jha R.A.-
2020GARCH-Model Identification based on Performance of Information CriteriaNaik N.; Mohan B.R.; Jha R.A.-
2014Gas phase oxygen quenching studies of ketone tracers for laser-induced fluorescence applications in nitrogen bath gasShelar, V.M.; Hegde, G.M.; Umesh, G.; Jagadeesh, G.; Reddy, K.P.J.-
2014Gauss curvature-driven image inpainting for image reconstructionJidesh, P.; George, S.-
2014Gaussian approximation using integer sequencesRajan, A.; Rao, A.; Vittal, Rao, R.; Jamadagni, H.S.-
2019Gaussian Filtered Gait Energy Template and Centroid Corner Distance Features for Human Gait RecognitionAnusha R.; Jaidhar C.D.-
2018GCPiN: Group caching for privacy in named data networkingKamath, A.A.; Jamadagni, C.; Anilkumar, A.; Mathew, K.; Tahiliani, M.P.-