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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Preparation of vacuum deposited cadmium selenide thin films for optoelectronic applicationsSanthosh, T.C.M.; Bangera, K.V.; Shivakumar, G.K.-
2018Preparation, characterization and applications of graphene and its compositesM, SreejeshNagaraja, H. S.
2017Preparation, characterization and performance studies of polyetherimide based membranes for water purificationHebbar, Raghavendra SeetharamaIsloor, Arun M.
2013Preparation, Characterization and Performance Study of New Polysulfone Based Nanofiltration Membranes for Water FiltrationPadaki, Mahesh S.Isloor, Arun M.
2011Preparation, characterization and performance study of poly(isobutylene- alt-maleic anhydride) [PIAM] and polysulfone [PSf] composite membranes before and after alkali treatmentPadaki M.; Isloor, A.M.; Belavadi G.; Prabhu K.N.-
2014Preparation, characterization and photoelectrochemical properties of hydrophilic Sn doped TiO2 nanostructuresKumar, A.S.; Nagaraja, K.K.; Huang, N.M.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2019Preparation, characterization and stability evaluation of ionic liquid blended chitosan tripolyphosphate microparticlesSafdar, R.; Gnanasundaram, N.; Regupathi, I.; Appusamy, A.; Papadimitriou, S.; Thanabalan, M.-
2015Preparation, characterization and the effect of PANI coated TiO2 nanocomposites on the performance of polysulfone ultrafiltration membranesPereira, V.R.; Isloor, A.M.; Ahmed, A.A.; Ismail, A.F.-
2018Preparation, characterization of metal oxide and Silicon based nanostructures for energy applications of catalysis, supercapacitors and batteryRamesh, MarthaNagaraja, H. S.
2018Preprocessing of Multi-Time Instant PV Generation DataRajanarayan, Prusty, B.; Jena, D.-
2018Preserving Semantic Relations for Zero-Shot LearningAnnadani, Y.; Biswas, S.-
2007Preserving the heritage of Mattu gulla - A variety of brinjal unique to Udupi District [10]Bhat R.V.; Madhyastha M.N.-
2021Pressure-driven structural and spin-state transition in a Hofmann clathrate coordination polymerReddy I.R.; Oppeneer P.M.; Tarafder K.-
2016Pressure-induced variation of structural, elastic, vibrational, electronic, thermodynamic properties and hardness of Ruthenium CarbidesGopalakrishna, Pillai, H.; Kulangara, Madam, A.; Natarajan, S.; Chandra, S.; Mundachali, Cheruvalath, V.-
2007A pressured steam JET approach to tool wear minimization in cutting of metal matrix compositesAnjaiah, D.; Shetty, R.; Pai, R.; Kini, M.V.; Rao, S.S.-
2012Preventing bad prefixes attack in IPv6 stateless address auto-configuration protocolDoshi, R.D.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2017Prevention of MITM attack caused by rogue router advertisements in IPv6Ouseph, C.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-
2013Primary education for the specially-abledChandra, S.; Sagar, M.; Rout, P.; Khattri, P.; Domanal, S.; Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti-
2018Primary Fragmentation Behavior of Indian Coals and Biomass during Chemical Looping CombustionPragadeesh, K.S.; Sudhakar, D.R.-