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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Design and synthesis of a new thiophene based donor-acceptor type conjugated polymer with large third order nonlinear optical activityVishnumurthy, K.A.; Adhikari, A.V.; Sunitha, M.S.; Mary, K.A.A.; Philip, R.-
2012Electrochemical and nonlinear optical studies of new D-A type ?-conjugated polymers carrying 3,4-benzyloxythiophene, oxadiazole, and 3,4-alkoxythiophene systemsSunitha, M.S.; Adhikari, A.V.; Vishnumurthy, K.A.; Smijesh, N.; Philip, R.-
2012Large third-order nonlinearity of new ?-conjugated donor-acceptor polymers with substituted thiophene and 1,3,4-oxadiazole moietiesSunitha, M.S.; Adhikari, A.V.; Vishnumurthy, K.A.; Safakath, K.; Philip, R.-
2011New diphenylamine-based donor-acceptor-type conjugated polymers as potential photonic materialsVishnumurthy, K.A.; Sunitha, M.S.; Philip, R.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2012New optical limiting polymeric materials with different ?-electron conjugation bridge structures: Synthesis and characterizationVishnumurthy, K.A.; Sunitha, M.S.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2011Nonlinear optical properties of a newly synthesized thiophene based conjugated polymerSunitha, M.S.; Adhikari, A.V.; Vishnumurthy, K.A.; Philip, R.-
2011Synthesis and characterization of a new conjugated polymer bearing pyrazole and thiophene moieties as potent NLO materialVishnumurthy, K.A.; Adhikari, A.V.; Sunitha, M.S.; Philip, R.-
2013Synthesis and characterization of thiophene-based donor-acceptor type polyimide and polyazomethines for optical limiting applicationsVishnumurthy, K.A.; Sunitha, M.S.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2013Synthesis and two-photon absorption property of new ? -conjugated donor-acceptor polymers carrying different heteroaromaticsSunitha, M.S.; Vishnumurthy, K.A.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2011Synthesis, electrochemical and optical studies of new cyanopyridine based conjugated polymers as potential fluorescent materialsVishnumurthy, K.A.; Sunitha, M.S.; Safakath, K.; Philip, R.; Adhikari, A.V.-