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Title: Electrochemical and nonlinear optical studies of new D-A type ?-conjugated polymers carrying 3,4-benzyloxythiophene, oxadiazole, and 3,4-alkoxythiophene systems
Authors: Sunitha, M.S.
Adhikari, A.V.
Vishnumurthy, K.A.
Smijesh, N.
Philip, R.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Chemistry Letters, 2012, Vol.41, 3, pp.234-236
Abstract: We investigated the nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of two newly synthesized conjugated polymers Pl and P2 carrying 1,3,4-oxadiazole, 3,4-dibenzyloxythiophene, and 3,4-dialkoxythiophene moieties along the main chain, as potential NLO active materials. Their structures have been well characterized. The nonlinear measurements were performed by Z-scan using 532 nm, 7 ns laser pulses. Calculated values of figure of merit and ? follow the criteria for good NLO materials. These results suggest that polymers are promising materials for applications in photonics. 2012 The Chemical Society of Japan.
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