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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Ballistic Impact Study on Jute-Epoxy and Natural Rubber Sandwich CompositesSangamesh; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Ballistic performance study of kevlar29 fibre reinforced polyester compositeSangamesh, R.; Shivashankar, H.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2008Development of austempered ductile iron for high tensile and fracture toughness by two step austempering processRavishankar, K.S.; Udupa, K.R.; Rao, P.P.-
2015Dissolution of alpha-prime precipitates in thermally embrittled S2205-duplex steels during reversion-heat treatmentShamanth, V.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2017Effect of Austempering Heat Treatment Parameters on the Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of AISI 9255 High Silicon SteelPalaksha, P.A.; Syamkrishna, P.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2017Effect of Heat Treatment on the High Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of S2205 Duplex Stainless SteelsShamanth, V.; Kumar, P.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2018Effect of machine scatter on the rotating bending fatigue life of materialsBanavasi, S.M.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Naik, P.S.-
2015Effect of reversion heat treatment on the mechanical properties of thermally embrittled UNS S32760 duplex stainless steelNatesh, M.; Shamanth, V.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2018Impact analysis of natural fiber and synthetic fiber reinforced polymer compositeSangamesh; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2010Improvement in fracture toughness of austempered ductile iron by two-step austempering processRavishankar, K.S.; Rao, P.P.; Udupa, K.R.-
2017Influence of Austempering Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon High Silicon SteelPalaksha, P.A.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2008Influence of austenitising temperature on the formation of strain induced martensite in austempered ductile ironDaber, S.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Prasad, Rao, P.-
2018Influence of High Mn-Cu-Mo on Microstructure and Fatigue characteristics of Austempered Ductile IronBanavasi, Shashidhar, M.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Naik, Padmayya, S.-
2018Mechanical Characterization and Finite Element Analysis of Jute-Epoxy CompositeSangamesh, R.; Kumar, N.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2011Mechanical properties of fly ash reinforced aluminium alloy (Al6061) compositesAnilkumar, H.C.; Hebbar, H.S.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2019Performance study of jute-epoxy composites/sandwiches under normal ballistic impactRajole, S.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2020Study on ballistic characteristics of glass-epoxy-rubber sandwichesSangamesh, R.; Shivashankar, H.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Study on ballistic energy absorption capability of glass-epoxy and jute-epoxy-rubber sandwich compositesRajole, S.; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2017Synthesis and comparison of mechanical behavior of fly ash-epoxy and silica fumes-epoxy compositeSangamesh; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-