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Title: Mechanical properties of fly ash reinforced aluminium alloy (Al6061) composites
Authors: Anilkumar, H.C.
Hebbar, H.S.
Ravishankar, K.S.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 2011, Vol.6, 1, pp.41-45
Abstract: The results of an experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of fly ash reinforced aluminium alloy (Al 6061) composites samples, processed by stir casting route are reported in this paper. Three sets of composites with fly ash particle sizes of 4-25, 45-50 and 75-100 ?m were used. The particle size ranges chosen as the said particle sizes were available more by weight fraction when sieve analysis was conducted on the sample collected for experiments and also the ones for which results are not reported. Each set had three types of composite samples with the reinforcement weight fractions of 10, 15 and 20%. The mechanical properties studied were the tensile strength, compressive strength, ductility and hardness. Unreinforced Al6061 samples were also tested for the same properties. It was found that the tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness of the aluminium alloy (Al 6061) composites decreased with the increase in particle size of reinforced fly ash. Increase in the weight fractions of the fly ash particles increases the ultimate tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness and decreases the ductility of the composite. The scanning electron micrographs of the samples indicated uniform distribution of the fly ash particles in the matrix without any voids.
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