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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Applications of expert systems in mining industry: A reviewRam Chandar, K.; Agarwal, H.-
2008Assessment of blast performance based on energy distributionSastry, V.R.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2013Assessment of objective based blast performance: Ranking systemSastry, V.R.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2015Classification of Stability of Highwall During Highwall Mining: A Statistical Adaptive Learning ApproachRam Chandar, K.; Hegde, C.; Yellishetty, M.; Gowtham, Kumar, B.-
2006Computer aided slope stability analysisSastry, V.R.; Ram Chandar, K.; Santosh, M.-
2017Computer aided slope stability monitoringKumar D.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2017A Critical Comparison of Regression Models and Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Ground VibrationsRam Chandar, K.; Sastry, V.R.; Hegde, C.-
2014Effect of width of gallery of highwall mining on stability of highwall: A numerical modelling approachRam Chandar, K.; Kumar, B.G.-
2020Experimental and Statistical Evaluations of Strength Properties of Concrete with Iron Ore Tailings as Fine AggregateChinnappa, G.B.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2015Experimental study for the assessment of suitability for vegetation growth on coal mine overburdenRam Chandar, K.; Chaitanya, V.; Raghunandan, M.E.-
2016Prediction of Bond's work index from field measurable rock propertiesRam Chandar, K.; Deo, S.N.; Baliga, A.J.-
2017Prediction of peak particle velocity using multi regression analysis: case studiesRam Chandar, K.; Sastry, V.R.; Hegde, C.; Shreedharan, S.-
2004Shock tube initiation for better fragmentation: A case studySastry, V.R.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2018Slope stability monitoring in opencast coal mine based on wireless data acquisition system-a case studyDorthi, K.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2018A study on suitability of iron ore overburden waste rock for partial replacement of coarse aggregates in concrete pavementsGayana, B.C.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2018Sustainable use of mine waste and tailings with suitable admixture as aggregates in concrete pavements-A reviewGayana, B.C.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2019Use of iron ore mine tailings in infrastructure projectsShubhananda, Rao, P.; Gayana, B.C.; Ram Chandar, K.-