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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Analysing the combined effect of crystallographic orientation and grain refinement on mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of ECAPed ZE41 Mg alloyPrithivirajan S.; Narendranath S.; Desai V.-
2020Characterization and Evaluation of Joint Properties of FSWed AA6061/SiC/FA Hybrid AMCs Using Different Tool Pin ProfilesSachinkumar; Narendranath S.; Chakradhar D.-
2020Effect of peak current and peak voltage on machined surface morphology during WEDM of TiNiCu shape memory alloysRoy A.; Narendranath S.; Pramanik A.-
2021Influence of machining parameters on taper square areas during slant type taper profiling using wire electric discharge machiningManoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2019Investigation of cutting speed, recast layer and micro-hardness in angular machining using slant type taper fixture by WEDM of Hastelloy XJoy R.; Manoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2021Machining and forecasting of square profile areas using artificial neural modelling at different slant angles by WEDM.Manoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2021Precision manufacturing of turbine wheel slots by trim-offset approach of WEDMSharma P.; Chakradhar D.; Narendranath S.-
2014Review on non-conventional machining of shape memory alloysManjaiah M.; Narendranath S.; Basavarajappa S.-
2015A review on wrought magnesium alloys processed by equal channel angular pressingAvvari M.; Narendranath S.; Nayaka H.S.-
2020The Role of Processing Temperature in Equal Channel Angular Extrusion: Microstructure Mechanical Properties and Corrosion ResistanceNaik G.M.; Narendranath S.; Satheesh Kumar S.S.-
2021Slant type taper profiling and prediction of profiling speed for a circular profile during in wire electric discharge machining using Hastelloy-XManoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2020Studies on microstructure and mechanical characteristics of as cast AA6061/SiC/fly ash hybrid AMCs produced by stir castingSachinkumar S.; Narendranath S.; Chakradhar D.-
2020Variation and artificial neural network prediction of profile areas during slant type taper profiling of triangle at different machining parameters on Hastelloy X by wire electric discharge machiningManoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-