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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Design and Analysis of Multi-Loop Feed Forward Control Schemes for DVR under Distorted Grid ConditionsKarthikeyan, A.; Abhilash, Krishna, D.G.; Kumar, S.; Nagamani, C.-
2017DSC filter based unit vector estimator for reference generation and control of dynamic voltage restorerKasyap, M.S.; Karthikeyan, A.; Perumal, B.V.; Nagamani, C.-
2014An effective reference generation scheme for DFIG with unbalanced grid voltageAsha, Rani, M.A.; Nagamani, C.; Saravana, Ilango, G.; Karthikeyan, A.-
2018Four quardrant operation of direct torque controlled PMSM drive using speed loop PDFF controllerKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.K.; Nagamani, C.-
2019FPGA based direct torque control with speed loop Pseudo derivative controller for PMSM driveKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.; Nagamani, C.-
2017Pseudo derivative feedback current controlled sensorless PMSM drive with flux-Torque based MRAS estimator for low speed operationestimator for low speed operationKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.K.; Venkatesa, P.B.; Nagamani, C.-
2017Speed loop pseudo derivative feedback controller based direct torque controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor drivePrabhakaran, K.K.; Perumal, B.V.; Karthikeyan, A.; Nagamani, C.-
2019Standalone single stage PV fed reduced switch inverter based independent control of two PMSM driveKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.K.; Abhilash, Krishna, D.G.; Nagamani, C.-
2018Stator flux based MRAS speed and stator resistance estimator for sensorless PMSM driveKarthikeyan, A.; Prabhakaran, K.K.; Nagamani, C.-
2018Virtual Impedance based DFCL for DVR during Downstream FaultsKarthikeyan, A.; Abhilash, Krishna, D.G.; Nagamani, C.-