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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Bus passenger demand modelling using time-series techniques-big data analyticsCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2018Electronic ticket machine data analytics for public bus transport planningCyril, A.; George, V.; Mulangi, R.H.-
2018Mechanical properties of pavement quality concrete with secondary aluminium dross as partial replacement for ordinary portland cementPanditharadhya, B.J.; Sampath, V.; Mulangi, R.H.; Ravi, Shankar, A.U.-
2018Modelling and Forecasting Bus Passenger Demand using Time Series MethodCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2018Performance evaluation of ITS project on Mysore city bus transport operationsMulangi, R.H.-
2016Performance Evaluation of Premium Services in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)Hanumappa, D.; Ramachandran, P.; Sitharam, T.G.; Lakshamana, S.; Mulangi, R.H.-
2019Performance of Concrete Mix with Secondary Aluminium Dross as a Partial Replacement for Portland Pozzolana CementPanditharadhya, B.J.; Mulangi, R.H.; Shankar, A.U.R.; Amulya, S.-
2019Performance Optimization of Public Transport Using Integrated AHP GP MethodologyCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2018Public Transit Travel Time Analysis Using GPS Data: A Case Study of Mysore ITSHarsha, M.M.; Mulangi, R.H.-
2018Traffic characteristics evaluation and traffic management measures: A case study of Dharwad cityHanumappa, D.; Mulangi, R.H.; Kudachimath, N.S.-
2011Traffic management proposals for Udupi cityMulangi, R.H.; Ravi, Shankar, A.U.; George, V.-
2009Use of inclined compound triangular notch-weir to improve discharge rangeShivapur, A.V.; Mulangi, R.H.; Govardhan, Swamy, H.S.-