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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Assigning weights for modified project Quarter Back Rating based construction project performance modelIngle, P.V.; Mahesh, G.-
2014Building integrated project and asset management teams for sustainable built infrastructure developmentWong, K.K.W.; Kumaraswamy, M.; Mahesh, G.; Ling, F.Y.Y.-
2019Challenges in developing the Ethiopian construction industryMengistu, D.G.; Mahesh, G.-
2020Concurrent Delay Analysis: Methods, Case Law, and Expert PerceptionMunvar, C.; Mengistu, D.G.; Mahesh, G.-
2019Construction education in Ethiopia: Knowledge and skills level attained and effectiveness of internship programMengistu, D.G.; Mahesh, G.-
2020Construction project performance areas for Indian construction projectsIngle, P.V.; Mahesh, G.-
2017Developing a clients charter and construction project KPIs to direct and drive industry improvementsKumaraswamy, M.; Mahesh, G.; Mahalingam, A.; Loganathan, S.; Kalidindi, S.N.-
2019Developing a knowledge-based safety culture instrument for construction industry: Reliability and validity assessment in Indian contextM.D, D.; Mahesh, G.-
2020Dimensions for improvement of construction management practice in Ethiopian construction industryMengistu, D.G.; Mahesh, G.-
2019Knowledge management influence on safety management practices evidence from construction industryDeepak, M.D.; Mahesh, G.; Medi, N.K.-
2019Manpower development framework for Ethiopian construction industryMengistu, D.G.; Mahesh, G.-
2019Spatial Temporal Analysis of Freight Flow through Indian Major Seaport SystemSahu, P.K.; Padhi, A.; Patil, G.R.; Mahesh, G.; Sarkar, A.K.-