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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Ductility and Flame Retardancy Enhancement of PVC by Nanostructured Fly AshPatil, A.G.; Mahendran, A.; Selvakumar, M.; Anandhan, S.-
2019Durable, efficient, and flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator from electrospun PANi/HNT/PVDF blend nanocompositeKhalifa, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2020Effect of polarization switching on piezoelectric and dielectric performance of electrospun nanofabrics of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Ca Al LDH nanocompositeShamitha, C.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2016Nanostructured Fly Ash as Reinforcement in a Plastomer-Based Composite: A New Strategy in Value Addition to Thermal Power Station Fly AshPatil, A.G.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2019Polymorphism, dielectric and piezoelectric response of organo-modified Ni Co layered double hydroxide nanosheets dispersed electrospun PVDF nanofabricsShetty, S.; Ekbote, G.S.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2016Probing the synergism of halloysite nanotubes and electrospinning on crystallinity, polymorphism and piezoelectric performance of poly(vinylidene fluoride)Khalifa, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2017Structure-property relationship of halloysite nanotubes/ethylene-vinyl acetate-carbon monoxide terpolymer nanocompositesGeorge, G.; Selvakumar, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Synergism of Electrospinning and Nano-alumina Trihydrate on the Polymorphism, Crystallinity and Piezoelectric Performance of PVDF NanofibersKhalifa, M.; Deeksha, B.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2019Synergism of graphitic-carbon nitride and electrospinning on the physico-chemical characteristics and piezoelectric properties of flexible poly(vinylidene fluoride) based nanogeneratorKhalifa, M.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-
2015Thermodynamic miscibility and thermal and mechanical properties of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate-co-carbon monoxide)/poly(vinyl chloride) blendsSelvakumar, M.; Mahendran, A.; Bhagabati, P.; Anandhan, S.-
2014Use of nano-ATH as a multi-functional additive for poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate-co-carbon monoxide)George, G.; Mahendran, A.; Anandhan, S.-