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Title: Durable, efficient, and flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator from electrospun PANi/HNT/PVDF blend nanocomposite
Authors: Khalifa, M.
Mahendran, A.
Anandhan, S.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Polymer Composites, 2019, Vol.40, 4, pp.1663-1675
Abstract: Currently, there is considerable research focus on portable, lightweight, shock-resistant, and inexpensive wearable devices that are ideally powered by harvesting abundant mechanical or vibration energy, making battery or related wiring superfluous. In this study, piezoelectric nanogenerator was electrospun from PANi (polyaniline)/HNT (halloysite nanotube)/PVDF (poly[vinylidene fluoride]) blend nanocomposite. Polymorphism, crystallinity and morphology of the nanogenerator were explored in detail. HNT and PANi acted as a nucleating agent and conductive filler, respectively in PVDF; their synergism helps improve the piezoelectric performance of PVDF. The piezoelectric performance of the nanogenerator patch was studied under various external mechanical stresses, such as pressure, tapping, and impact. A maximum voltage output of approximately 7.2 V was generated by the nanogenerator under impact. The nanogenerator patch attached to human arm exhibited not only excellent piezoelectric response during arm movements, but, also proved to be flexible, highly sensitive and durable. This nanogenerator could possibly be used in wearable piezoelectric energy conversion application for self-powered devices. POLYM. COMPOS., 40:1663 1675, 2019. 2018 Society of Plastics Engineers. 2018 Society of Plastics Engineers
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