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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018An approach for characterizing twin-tube shear-mode magnetorheological damper through coupled FE and CFD analysisGurubasavaraju, T.M.; Kumar, H.; Mahalingam, A.-
2018A Bayesian inference approach: estimation of heat flux from fin for perturbed temperature dataKumar, H.; Nagarajan, G.-
2017A Bottom-Up Optimization Approach for Friction Stir Welding Parameters of Dissimilar AA2024-T351 and AA7075-T651 AlloysAnil, Kumar, K.S.; Murigendrappa, S.M.; Kumar, H.-
2016Condition monitoring of face milling tool using K-star algorithm and histogram features of vibration signalMadhusudana, C.K.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.-
2017Condition monitoring of roller bearing by K-star classifier and K-nearest neighborhood classifier using sound signalSharma, R.K.; Sugumaran, V.; Kumar, H.; Amarnath, M.-
2018Condition monitoring of single point cutting tools based on machine learning approachGangadhar, N.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.; Sugumaran, V.-
2017Design and development of magneto-rheological brake for optimum casing thicknessSumukha, M.H.; Sandeep, R.; Vivek, N.; Lijesh, K.P.; Kumar, H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2019Design and experimental characterization of a twin-tube MR damper for a passenger vanDesai, R.M.; Jamadar, M.E.H.; Kumar, H.; Joladarashi, S.; Raja, Sekaran, S.C.-
2019Design of twin-rod flow mode magneto rheological damper for prosthetic knee applicationTak, R.S.S.; Kumar, H.; Chandramohan, S.; Srinivasan, S.-
2019Determination of optimal magnetorheological fluid particle loading and size for shear mode monotube damperAcharya, S.; Saini, T.R.S.; Kumar, H.-
2019Dynamic analysis and optimization of SiC reinforced Al6082 and Al7075 MMCsAllien, V.J.; Kumar, H.; Desai, V.-
2018Dynamic analysis of half car model with MR damper as semi-active suspension elementHemanth, K.; Kumar, H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2018Effect of tool rotation speed on microstructure and tensile properties of FSW joints of 2024-T351 and 7075-T651 reinforced with SiC nano particle: The role of FSW single passKumar, K.S.A.; Murigendrappa, S.M.; Kumar, H.; Shekhar, H.-
2017Engine gearbox fault diagnosis using empirical mode decomposition method and Na ve Bayes algorithmVernekar, K.; Kumar, H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2018Engine gearbox fault diagnosis using machine learning approachVernekar, K.; Kumar, H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2012Enhancing the error-correcting capability of imai-kamiyanagi codes for data storage systems by adopting iterative decoding using a parity check treeKumar, H.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Shetty, K.; Shankarananda, B.-
2017Evaluation of optimal parameters of MR fluids for damper application using particle swarm and response surface optimisationGurubasavaraju, T.M.; Kumar, H.; Arun, M.-
2019Experimental investigation on effects of varying volume fractions of SiC nanoparticle reinforcement on microstructure and mechanical properties in friction-stir-welded dissimilar joints of AA2024-T351 and AA7075-T651Anil, Kumar, K.S.; Murigendrappa, S.M.; Kumar, H.-
2017Face milling tool condition monitoring using sound signalMadhusudana, C.K.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.-
2016Fault diagnosis of bearings through sound signal using statistical features and bayes classifierKumar, H.; Sugumaran, V.; Amarnath, M.-