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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Effect of heat treatment on microstructure, corrosion, and shape memory characteristics of laser deposited NiTi alloyMarattukalam, J.J.; Balla, V.K.; Das, M.; Bontha, S.; Kalpathy, S.K.-
2019Graphene nanoclusters embedded nickel cobaltite nanofibers as multifunctional electrocatalyst for glucose sensing and water-splitting applicationsKumar, B.S.; Gudla, V.C.; Ambat, R.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2018A Mechanistic Study on the Structure Formation of NiCo2O4 Nanofibers Decorated with In Situ Formed Graphene-Like StructuresSachin, Kumar, B.; Gudla, V.C.; Ambat, R.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2015Microstructure and corrosion behavior of laser processed NiTi alloyMarattukalam, J.J.; Singh, A.K.; Datta, S.; Das, M.; Balla, V.K.; Bontha, S.; Kalpathy, S.K.-
2019Polymorph nickel titanate nanofibers as bifunctional electrocatalysts towards hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactionsSachin, Kumar, B.; Tarafder, K.; Shetty, A.R.; Hegde, A.C.; Gudla, V.C.; Ambat, R.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Pyrolysis-controlled synthesis and magnetic properties of sol gel electrospun nickel cobaltite nanostructuresKumar, B.S.; Dhanasekhar, C.; Venimadhav, A.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2017Some new observations on the structural and phase evolution of nickel titanate nanofibersKumar, B.S.; Shanmugharaj, A.M.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-
2018Synergism of fictitious forces on nickel cobaltite nanofibers: Electrospinning forces revisitedSachin, Kumar, B.; Kalpathy, S.K.; Anandhan, S.-