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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Analysis, Design, and Performance Evaluation of Differential-Mode Y-Source Converters for Voltage Spikes MitigationReddivari R.; Jena D.; T. N. G.-
2019Comparative Overview of Internal Model Control Based PID, State Feedback Integral, and Sliding Mode Controllers for Buck ConverterShankar K.G.; Jena D.; Reddivari R.-
2019Comparison of two data cleaning methods as applied to volatile time-seriesRanjan K.G.; Prusty B.R.; Jena D.-
2020Component level reliability evaluation of boost converter, Z-Source, and improved gamma type ysource invertersKumbale S.; Pius J.; Reddivari R.; Jena D.-
2021A Correlative Investigation of Impedance Source Networks: A Comprehensive ReviewReddivari R.; Jena D.-
2021A cost-effective single-phase semi flipped gamma type magnetically coupled impedance source invertersGautham T.N.; Reddivari R.; Jena D.-
2017A critical review on probabilistic load flow studies in uncertainty constrained power systems with photovoltaic generation and a new approachPrusty B.R.; Jena D.-
2019Design Implementation of High Boost Embedded Semi Quasi-ZSI for Photovoltaic System ApplicationsGautham T.N.; Reddivari R.; Jena D.-
2016Evolutionary computing approaches to system identificationSubudhi B.; Jena D.-
2021An improved sliding window prediction-based outlier detection and correction for volatile time-seriesRanjan K.G.; Tripathy D.S.; Prusty B.R.; Jena D.-
2020Low power digital on-chip implementation of Fibonacci non-magnetic switching converter for IoT applicationsSubburaj V.; Jena D.; Perumal P.-
2015Modeling of photovoltaic system for uniform and non-uniform irradiance: A critical reviewJena D.; Ramana V.V.-
2020Multi-time instant probabilistic PV generation forecasting using quantile regression forestsTripathy D.S.; Rajanarayan Prusty B.; Jena D.; Sahu M.K.-
2020A Negative Embedded Differential Mode Γ-Source Inverter with Reduced Switching SpikesReddivari R.; Jena D.-
2015A review of estimation of effective wind speed based control of wind turbinesJena D.; Rajendran S.-
2021Review of preprocessing methods for univariate volatile time-series in power system applicationsRanjan K.G.; Prusty B.R.; Jena D.-
2020Short-term PV generation forecasting using quantile regression averagingTripathy D.S.; Prusty B.R.; Jena D.-