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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011AMul: Adaptive multicast routing protocol for multi-hop wireless networksPanwala, V.; Hegde, S.; Tahiliani, M.P.-
2011Ant-CAMP: Ant based congestion adaptive multi-path routing protocol for wireless networksRaval, C.; Hegde, S.; Tahiliani, M.P.-
2020Characterization of Consonant Sounds Using Features Related to Place of ArticulationRamteke, P.B.; Hegde, S.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2012Comparison of creep rates of AA 5356 alloy based aluminium silicon carbide composite and AISI 316L stainless steel by indentation creep test methodPrasanna, H.U.; Rajendra, Udupa, K.; Hegde, S.-
2015Conjugate Heat Transfer Studies in a Hexagonal Micro ChannelHegde, S.; Narendran, N.; Ganasekaran, N.-
2012Controlled release of nutrients to mammalian cells cultured in shake flasksHegde, S.; Pant, T.; Pradhan, K.; Badiger, M.; Gadgil, M.-
2016Dynamic blocked transfer stiffness method of characterizing the magnetic field and frequency dependent dynamic viscoelastic properties of MREPoojary, U.R.; Hegde, S.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2017Dynamic controller placement in edge-core software defined networksHegde, S.; Ajayghosh, R.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Bhattacharya, S.-
2017Dynamic deformation dependent magnetic field induced force transmissibility characteristics of magnetorheological elastomerPoojary, U.R.; Hegde, S.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2012Effect of chemical modification of Al-Si alloys on thermal diffusivity and contact heat transfer at the casting-chill interfaceNarayan, Prabhu, K.; Jayananda; Hegde, S.-
2011Effect of modification melt treatment and chilling on eutectic arrest temperature and time during solidification of A357 alloyPrabhu, K.N.; Hegde, S.-
2006Effect of section thickness and modification on thermal analysis parameters of A357 alloyHegde, S.; Kumar, G.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2006Effect of volume fraction and particle size of reinforcement on thermal analysis and heat transfer parameters of gravity die cast hypereutectic Al-22% SI alloy matrix compositesSubramanya, P.K.; Hegde, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2019Efficient biosorption of Pb(II) on Pteris vittata L. from aqueous solution using pulsed plate column techniquePrabhu, S.; Srinikethan, G.; Hegde, S.-
2011Energy efficient load sharing mechanism for multipath routing protocol in wireless sensor networksPrasanna, K.; Hegde, S.; Shiva, M.G.-
2018Experimental investigation on the effect of carbon nanotube additive on the field-induced viscoelastic properties of magnetorheological elastomerPoojary, U.R.; Hegde, S.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2020Feature selection using fast ensemble learning for network intrusion detectionPasupulety, U.; Adwaith, C.D.; Hegde, S.; Patil, N.-
2007Heat transfer and solidification behaviour of modified A357 alloyKumar, G.; Hegde, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2011Heat transfer during solidification of chemically modified Al-Si alloys around a copper chillPrabhu, K.N.; Hegde, S.-
2019Keyword-based private searching on cloud data along with keyword association and dissociation using cuckoo filterVora, A.V.; Hegde, S.-