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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Composition modulated multilayer Zn-Fe alloy coatings on mild steel for better corrosion resistanceVenkatakrishna, K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2009Corrosion behavior of composition modulated multilayer Zn-Co electrodeposits produced using a single-bath techniqueThangaraj, V.; Eliaz, N.; Hegde, A.C.-
2018Corrosion inhibiting action of Ni-Mo alloy coatings in the presence of mixed metal oxide nanocompositesGoveas, J.J.; Shetty, S.; Mascarenhas, N.P.; Hegde, A.C.; Gonsalves, R.A.-
2011Corrosion stability of electrodeposited cyclic multilayer Zn-Ni alloy coatingsBhat, R.S.; Udupa, K.R.; Hegde, A.C.-
2011Development of anti-corrosive multi-layered coatings of zinc-nickel alloySubbaiah, Y.; Kaje, V.; Hegde, A.C.-
2016Development of multilayer Sn-Ni alloy coating by pulsed sonoelectrolysis for enhanced corrosion protectionShetty, S.; Jaffer, Sadiq, M.M.; Bhat, D.K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2011Development of nano-structured cyclic multilayer Zn-Ni alloy coatings using triangular current pulsesBhat, R.S.; Hegde, A.C.-
2011Development of nano-structured Zn-Ni multilayers and their corrosion behaviorsYogesha, S.; Bhat, R.S.; Venkatakrishna, K.; Pavithra, G.P.; Ullal, Y.; Hegde, A.C.-
2016Development of nanolaminated multilayer Ni-P alloy coatings for better corrosion protectionElias, L.; Bhat, K.U.; Hegde, A.C.-
2008Development of Zn-Co alloy coatings by pulsed current from chloride bathThangaraj, V.; Udayashankar, N.K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2008Effect of bath composition and operating parameters on deposit character and corrosion behaviour of Zn-Ni alloyVenkatakrishna, K.; Tangaraj, V.; Hegde, A.C.-
2017Effect of including the carbon nanotube and graphene oxide on the electrocatalytic behavior of the Ni-W alloy for the hydrogen evolution reactionElias, L.; Hegde, A.C.-
2014Effect of induced magnetic field on electrocrystallization of Zn-Ni alloy and their corrosion studyRao, V.R.; Hegde, A.C.-
2017Effect of magnetic field on corrosion protection efficacy of Ni-W alloy coatingsElias, L.; Hegde, A.C.-
2012Effect of surfactant on high capacitance of galvanostatically deposited MnO2Suhasini; Hegde, A.C.-
2018Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on hydrogen evolution reaction activity of Ni coatingsKullaiah, R.; Elias, L.; Hegde, A.C.-
2016Electrodeposited Ni-P alloy thin films for alkaline water splitting reactionElias, L.; Damle, V.H.; Hegde, A.C.-
2006Electrodeposition and characterisation of zinc-nickel alloyThangaraj, V.; Hegde, A.C.-
2017Electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Mo alloy as an electrocatalyst for alkaline water electrolysisShetty, S.; Mohamed, Jaffer, Sadiq, M.; Bhat, D.K.; Hegde, A.C.-
2014Electrodeposition and electro-catalytic study of nanocrystalline Ni-Fe alloyUllal, Y.; Hegde, A.C.-