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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20193D coupled conduction-convection problem using in-house heat transfer experiments in conjunction with hybrid inverse approachP.S, V.; M.K, H.K.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arun, M.-
2018Asymptotic approach to obtain nusselt number correlation for laminar mixed convection in a vertical channelNakate, P.; Kotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2018A combined ANN-GA and experimental based technique for the estimation of the unknown heat flux for a conjugate heat transfer problemHarsha, Kumar, M.K.; Vishweshwara, P.S.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Balaji, C.-
2019Comparison of fluid flow and heat transfer through metal foams and wire mesh by using CFDKotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2018Computation of error model for the inverse bioheat transfer problemGnanasekaran, N.; Vishweshwara, P.S.-
2017Computational study of pressure side film cooling effect of density ratio with combination of holesRadheesh, D.; Ssheshan, P.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Panda, R.K.-
2016Conjugate heat transfer in a Hexagonal micro channel using hybrid nano fluidsHegde, S.S.; Ganesan, N.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2019Determination of interfacial heat transfer coefficient for the flow assisted mixed convection through brass wire meshKotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2019Effect of thickness and thermal conductivity of metal foams filled in a vertical channel a numerical studyKotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2019Estimation of interfacial heat transfer coefficient for horizontal directional solidification of Sn-5wt%pb alloy using genetic algorithm as inverse methodVishweshwara, P.S.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arun, M.-
2018Experimental and numerical investigation on conjugate effects in deep parallel microchannel using tio2 nanofluid for electronic coolingNarendran, G.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2019Experimental Investigation on Heat Spreader Integrated Microchannel Using Graphene Oxide NanofluidNarendran, G.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2018Flow induced hotspot migration studies with heat spreader integrated microchannels using reduced graphene oxide nanofluidsNarendran, G.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Perumal, D.A.-
2019Forced convection through discrete heat sources and simple thermal model - A numerical studyHasavimath, K.; Naik, K.; Kotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2018Inverse approach for estimating boundary properties in a transient fin problemGnanasekaran, N.; Balaji, S.-
2018Investigation of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Through Metal Foams Partially Filled in a Vertical Channel by Using Computational Fluid DynamicsKotresha, B.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2018A Markov Chain Monte Carlo-Metropolis Hastings Approach for the Simultaneous Estimation of Heat Generation and Heat Transfer Coefficient from a Teflon CylinderKumar, H.; Kumar, S.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Balaji, C.-
2018MCMC and approximation error model for the simultaneous estimation of heat flux and heat transfer coefficient using heat transfer experimentsGnanasekaran, N.; Harsha, Kumar, M.K.; Balaji, C.-
2019Migration of flow inducted hotspot with heat spreader integrated microchannel subjected to asymmetric heat flux: A Multiphysics approachNarendran, G.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2016A neural network based method for estimation of heat generation from a teflon cylinderKumar, S.; Kumar, H.; Gnanasekaran, N.-