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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012Accelerated consolidation of coir reinforced lithomargic laterite soil blends with vertical sand drains for pavementsGeorge, V.; Hegde, R.; Vardhana, M.V.; Santosh, G.; Gotamey, D.-
2019Bus passenger demand modelling using time-series techniques-big data analyticsCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2010Effect of aggregate gradations on properties of porous friction course mixesSuresha, S.N.; George, V.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2009Effect of soil parameters on dynamic cone penetration indices of laterite sub-grade soils from IndiaGeorge, V.; Nageshwar, Rao, Ch.; Shivashankar, R.-
2020Effect of soil parameters on modulus of resilience based on portable falling weight deflectometer tests on lateritic sub-grade soilsGeorge, V.; Kumar, A.-
2018Effect of Soil Parameters on Resilient Modulus Using Cyclic Tri-Axial Tests on Lateritic Subgrade Soils from Dakshina Kannada, IndiaKumar, A.; George, V.-
2011Effects of soil parameters and moisture content on stiffness of unsaturated blended laterite using tri-axial tests for rural roadsGeorge, V.; Nageshwar, Rao, C.; Shivashankar, R.-
2018Electronic ticket machine data analytics for public bus transport planningCyril, A.; George, V.; Mulangi, R.H.-
2016Establishing relationships for strength characteristics of lateritic soils with varying silt fractionsKumar, A.; George, V.; Marathe, S.-
2009Evaluation of properties of porous friction course mixes for different gyration levelsSuresha, S.N.; George, V.; Shankar, A.U.R.-
2012Iterative zone-reclassification in trip generation, and cube-based distribution for BangaloreGeorge, V.; Subramanyam, U.V.; Mahendrakar, A.S.-
2012A model study on accelerated consolidation of coir reinforced laterite and blended shedi soil with vertical sand drains for pavement foundationsGeorge, V.; Santosh, G.; Hegde, R.; Durga, Prashanth, L.; Gotamey, D.; Ravi, Sankar, A.U.-
2018Modelling and Forecasting Bus Passenger Demand using Time Series MethodCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2019Performance Optimization of Public Transport Using Integrated AHP GP MethodologyCyril, A.; Mulangi, R.H.; George, V.-
2008PFWD, CBR and DCP evaluation of lateritic subgrades of Dakshina Kannada, IndiaNageshwar, Rao, Ch.; George, V.; Shivashankar, R.-
2009PFWD, DCP and CBR correlations for evaluation of lateritic subgradesGeorge, V.; Rao, N.C.; Shivashankar, R.-
2011Traffic management proposals for Udupi cityMulangi, R.H.; Ravi, Shankar, A.U.; George, V.-
2012TRANSYT-12 in the design and analysis of coordinated traffic signaling for three major junctions of Mangalore CityGeorge, V.; Hemanth, K.R.-