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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Capacitance and impedance spectroscopy studies of polymer light emitting diodes based on MEH-PPV:BT blendsNimith, K.M.; Sterin, N.S.; Das, P.P.; Umesh, G.; Satyanarayan, M.N.-
2017Dependence of the 0.5 (2e2/h) conductance plateau on the aspect ratio of InAs quantum point contacts with in-plane side gatesDas, P.P.; Jones, A.; Cahay, M.; Kalita, S.; Mal, S.S.; Sterin, N.S.; Yadunath, T.R.; Advaitha, M.; Herbert, S.T.-
2014Design, fabrication and characterization of 5 ?m ring resonatorKollia, V.R.; Yadunath, T.R.; Resmi, R.K.; Hegde, G.; Badrinarayana, T.; Das, P.P.; Srinivas, T.-
2018Graphene-mediated band gap engineering of WO3 nanoparticle and a relook at Tauc equation for band gap evaluationBaishya, K.; Ray, J.S.; Dutta, P.; Das, P.P.; Das, S.K.-
2017Highly efficient catalytic reductive degradation of various organic dyes by Au/CeO2-TiO2 nano-hybridSaikia, P.; Miah, A.T.; Das, P.P.-
2020Improved electrochemical performance of graphene oxide supported vanadomanganate (IV) nanohybrid electrode material for supercapacitorsKumari, S.; Maity, S.; Vannathan, A.A.; Shee, D.; Das, P.P.; Mal, S.S.-
2017Integrated optics-based quantum communication devicesRamakrishnan, R.K.; Samad, S.A.; Archana, K.; Yadunath, T.R.; Das, P.P.; Talabattula, S.-
2017Photonic crystal ring resonator: A promising device for a multitude applicationsYadunath, T.R.; Kumar, R.R.; Sreenivasulu, T.; Kandoth, A.; John, K.; Ramakrishnan, R.K.; Das, P.P.; Badrinarayana, T.; Mohan, S.; Hegde, G.; Srinivas, T.-
2019Width dependence of the 0.5 � (2e2/h) conductance plateau in InAs quantum point contacts in presence of lateral spin-orbit couplingDas, P.P.; Cahay, M.; Kalita, S.; Mal, S.S.; Jha, A.K.-