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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011An analysis of cycle-by-cycle fluctuation in combustion parameter in CI engine operation for various bio-fuelsBekal, S.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2008Bio-fuel variants for use in CI engine at design and off-design regimes: An experimental analysisBekal, S.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2010Characterization of sealing ring cavitation in centrifugal pumps with water and viscous oilNair, K.G.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2017Determination of Lockhart-Martinelli parameter using CFD in 2D vertical rectangular and offset mini-channels with R717Kutty, S.S.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2009Effect of using Mahua as an alternative fuel in diesel engineKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Reddy, R.P.-
2017Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Window Glazing Materials of Green Energy Building in Indian Climatic ZonesKumar, G.K.; Saboor, S.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2011Experimental investigation in pool boiling heat transfer of ammonia/water mixture and heat transfer correlationsSathyabhama, A.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2009Improvement of performance of vegetable oil fuelled agricultural diesel engineKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Reddy, R.P.-
2011Performance characteristics of a dual fuel engine operatedwith mahua biodiesel and liquefied petroleum gasKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Reddy, R.P.-
2010Study of variables affecting the synthesis of biodiesel from Madhuca Indica oilKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Reddy, R.P.-
2017Study of Various Glass Materials to Provide Adequate Day Lighting in Office Buildings of Warm and Humid Climatic Zone in IndiaKumar, G.K.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2017Study of Various Glass Window and Building Wall Materials in Different Climatic Zones of India for Energy Efficient Building ConstructionKumar, G.K.; Saboor, S.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2009Synthesis of biodiesel from edible and non-edible oils and characterisationKapilan, N.; Babu, T.P.A.; Varun, J.D.-
2017Theoretical Computation of Performance of Sustainable Energy Efficient R22 Alternatives for Residential Air ConditionersShaik, S.V.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2017Theoretical Performance Investigation of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using HFC and HC Refrigerant Mixtures as Alternatives to Replace R22Shaik, S.V.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2020Theoretical thermodynamic performance assessment of various environment-friendly novel refrigerants used in refrigeration systemsShaik, S.V.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2018Thermodynamic performance analysis and flammability study of various new ozone friendly non azeotropic refrigerant mixtures as alternatives to replace R22 used in residential air conditionersShaik, S.V.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2017Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of Eco friendly Refrigerant Mixtures to Replace R22 Used in Air Conditioning ApplicationsShaik, S.V.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2010Use of a CFD code in the investigation of cross corrugated heat transfer surfacesBabu, T.P.A.; Shekoor, T.M.-
2007Use of vegetable oil ester in CI engine: Some studies under overload conditionBekal, S.; Babu, T.P.A.-