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Title: Thermodynamic performance analysis and flammability study of various new ozone friendly non azeotropic refrigerant mixtures as alternatives to replace R22 used in residential air conditioners
Authors: Shaik, S.V.
Babu, T.P.A.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: International Journal of Heat and Technology, 2018, Vol.36, 4, pp.1470-1481
Abstract: The present study investigates the theoretical thermodynamic performance analysis and flammability study of various new ozone friendly refrigerants as replacements to R22. In this work, five non azeotropic refrigerant blends comprising of R152a, R134a, R32, R290 and R1270, at various compositions were developed. Flammability study of all the five refrigerant mixtures considered were carried out by using Refrigerant Flammability (RF) number. The cycle followed during the performance investigation of refrigerants was the actual vapour compression refrigeration cycle. Thermodynamic performance characteristics of all the five investigated refrigerants were compared with the baseline refrigerant R22. Theoretical results showed that COP of refrigerant M40 was 0.51% higher, compared to R22 and the five refrigerants studied. Compressor discharge temperature of M40 was lowered by 11.6 C compared to R22. Power consumed to produce per ton of refrigeration of M40 was 0.52% lower, compared to R22 and the five refrigerants considered. Heat transfer rate through the condenser for M40 was 3.66% higher than R22. Volumetric refrigeration capacity of M40 was the highest among the five studied refrigerants and it was very close to the volumetric capacity of R22. Flammability analysis revealed that all the five investigated refrigerant mixtures were classified into the weakly flammable category. Overall, the thermodynamic performance of new ternary blend M40 (R32/R134a/R1270 5/60/35 by mass percentage) was higher than R22 with reasonable saving in power consumption and hence, M40 is a viable candidate to replace R22. 2018 International Information and Engineering Technology Association. All Rights Reserved.
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