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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Effect of Heat Treatment on the High Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of S2205 Duplex Stainless SteelsShamanth, V.; Kumar, P.; Ravishankar, K.S.-
2013Electrochemical investigation on the corrosion of 18%Ni M250 grade maraging steel under welded condition in sulfuric acid mediumKumar, P.; Shetty, A.N.-
2013An energy efficient algorithm to avoid hot spot effects in Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2020An enhanced protein secondary structure prediction using deep learning framework on hybrid profile based featuresKumar, P.; Bankapur, S.; Patil, N.-
2019Fast start crystal oscillator design with negative resistance controlKumar, P.; Rekha, S.-
2018Fast startup crystal oscillator designKumar, P.; Rekha, S.-
2018Friendship recommendation system using topological structure of social networksKumar, P.; Mohana, Reddy, G.R.-
2018Fuzzy-interval based probabilistic query generation models and fusion strategy for energy efficient wireless sensor networksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2013A geographical location aware energy efficient routing scheme for query based Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.; Shrivastava, S.-
2012Geographical location based hierarchical routing strategy for wireless sensor networksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.; Kulkarni, M.-
2018Hand gesture-based stable powerpoint presentation using kinectKumar, P.; Jaiswal, A.; Deepak, B.; Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti-
2015Inhibition effect of adsorption layer of 1-phenyl-4-(4-nitrophenyl) thiosemicarbazide on the corrosion of 18 Ni 250-grade welded maraging steel in 1.0 M hydrochloric acid mediumKumar, P.; Nityananda, Shetty, A.-
2014Life time enhancement of wireless Sensor Network using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithmKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2015Location movement and multiplicity attributes of sink in query-based wireless sensor networksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2004M-BCJR based turbo equalizerKumar, P.; Banakar, R.M.; Shankaranand, B.-
2009Parallel method for discovering frequent itemsets using weighted tree approachKumar, P.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2014Performance analysis of energy aware routing protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2018Performance evaluation of mechanical micro-drilling, electrical discharge machining and laser beam machining on nimonic 80A alloySudhakar, S.; Kumar, P.; Srinivas, G.; Ravishankar, S.; Chakradhar, D.; Barshilia, H.C.-
2017Performance measures of fuzzy C-means algorithm in wireless sensor networksKumar, P.; Chaturvedi, A.-
2017Population Based Metaheuristic Algorithm Approach for Analysis of Multi-Item Multi-Period Procurement Lot Sizing ProblemKumar, P.; Herbert, M.; Rao, S.-