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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Ag-TiO2 nanosheet embedded photocatalytic membrane for solar water treatmentNair, A.K.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2010Bed depth service time model for the biosorption of reactive red dye using the Portunus sanguinolentus shellJagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Krishnan, R.; Singh, M.-
2016Development of a Spectrophotometric Biphasic Assay for the Estimation of mPEG-maleimide in Thiol PEGylation Reaction MixturesNanda, P.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Gupta, P.; Prasad, A.G.-
2010Drag reduction in co-current down flow packed column using xanthan gumRegupathi, I.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Chitra, M.; Murugesan, T.-
2016Performance enhancement of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane using TiO2 nanofibersNair, A.K.; Shalin, P.M.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2019Poly(N,N-diethyl acrylamide)/functionalized graphene quantum dots hydrogels loaded with doxorubicin as a nano-drug carrier for metastatic lung cancer in miceHavanur, S.; Batish, I.; Cheruku, S.P.; Gourishetti, K.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Kumar, N.-
2016Production and Optimization of Site-Specific monoPEGylated Uricase Conjugates Using mPEG-Maleimide Through RP HPLC MethodologyNanda, P.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Raju, J.R.-
2018Role of graphene quantum dots synthesized through pyrolysis in the release behavior of temperature responsive poly (N,N-diethyl acrylamide) hydrogel loaded with doxorubicinHavanur, S.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2010Studies on the effect of pH, temperature and metal ions on the production of pectinase from tamarind kernel powder by submerged fermentation using Aspergillus foetidus (NCIM 505)JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Viswanathan, R.-
2016Studies on the Site-specific PEGylation Induced Interferences Instigated in Uricase Quantification Using the Bradford MethodNanda, P.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2017Synthesis and characterisation of TiO2 nanofibre/cellulose acetate nanocomposite ultrafiltration membraneNeelapala, S.D.; Nair, A.K.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2011Synthesis and characterization of temperature sensitive P-NIPAM macro/micro hydrogelsJagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Suresh, Kumar, R.; Maheswari, B.-
2019Synthesis and optimization of poly (N,N-diethylacrylamide) hydrogel and evaluation of its anticancer drug doxorubicin s release behaviorHavanur, S.; Farheenand, V.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.-
2015Two-step biodiesel production and its kinetics studies using indion-190/amberliteira-900 from waste cooking oilSatheesh, K.; JagadeeshBabu, P.E.; Saidutta, M.B.-