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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017GA based optimal location and size of the distributed generators in distribution system for different load conditionsShivarudraswamy, R.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Jayalakshmi, N.S.-
2018Improved P-f/Q-V and P-V/Q-f droop controllers for parallel distributed generation inverters in AC microgridRaj, D, C.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Guerrero, J.M.-
2015An integrated Control Approach and Power Management of Stand-alone Hybrid Wind/PV/Battery Power Generation System with Maximum Power Extraction CapabilityJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2017Integrated power flowand voltage regulation of stand-alone PV-fuel cell system with supercapacitorsSabhahit, J.N.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Nempu, P.B.-
2012Intentional islanding operations of distributed generation systems with a load shedding algorithmKrishnan, G.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2010Investigation on electromagnetic transients of distributed generation systems in the microgridGaonkar, D.N.-
2014Maximum power point tracking for grid integrated variable speed wind based distributed generation system with dynamic loadJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2013Modeling and performance analysis of hybrid fuel cell and microturbine based distributed generation system, 'A review'Nayak, S.K.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2011Modeling and performance analysis of microturbine based Distributed Generation system, "a review"Gaonkar, D.N.; Nayak, S.-
2012Modeling and performance analysis of microturbine generation system in grid connected/islanding modeNayak, S.K.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2017Multiple inverters operated in parallel for proportional load sharing in microgridChethan, Raj, D.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2016A new control method to mitigate power fluctuations for grid integrated PV/wind hybrid power system using ultracapacitorsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2018A New Islanding Detection Method Using Transfer Learning TechniqueManikonda, S.K.G.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2019A Novel Islanding Detection Method Based on Transfer Learning Technique Using VGG16 NetworkManikonda, S.K.G.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2017Online volt/var control in a smart grid with multiple distributed generation systemsRaghavendra, P.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2016Online voltage estimation and control for smart distribution networksRaghavendra, P.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2018Operation and control of a microgrid in isolated mode with multiple distributed generation systemsKulkarni, S.V.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2011Operation and control of multiple Distributed Generation systems in the microgridGaonkar, D.N.; Pillai, G.N.-
2015Operation of grid integrated wind/PV hybrid system with grid perturbationsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2016Performance analysis of a variable-speed wind and fuel cell-based hybrid distributed generation system in grid-connected mode of operationAyyappa, S.K.; Gaonkar, D.N.-