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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Application of remotely sensed NDVI and soil moisture to monitor long-term agricultural droughtPathak, A.A.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2018Assessment of agricultural drought by remote sensing techniquePathak, A.A.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2019Comparison of Meteorological Drought Indices for Different Climatic Regions of an Indian River BasinPathak, A.A.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2015Drought monitoring for RABI season in upper Krishna river basin using remote sensing and GISChandran, C.; Dodamani, B.M.; Reddy, K.; Naseela, E.K.-
2015Preparation and characterization of novel PSf/PVP/PANI-nanofiber nanocomposite hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes and their possible applications for hazardous dye rejectionKajekar, A.J.; Dodamani, B.M.; Isloor, A.M.; Karim, Z.A.; Cheer, N.B.; Ismail, A.F.; Shilton, S.J.-
2018Shoreline analysis using Landsat-8 satellite imageYadav, A.; Dodamani, B.M.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2016Spatial and temporal drought analysis in the krishna river basin of Maharashtra, IndiaMahajan, D.R.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2018Spatio-temporal distribution of rainfall and aerosols over urban areas of KarnatakaNizar, S.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2019Spatiotemporal distribution of aerosols over the Indian subcontinent and its dependence on prevailing meteorological conditionsNizar, S.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2019Trend Analysis of Groundwater Levels and Assessment of Regional Groundwater Drought: Ghataprabha River Basin, IndiaPathak, A.A.; Dodamani, B.M.-
2018Trends in Agro-Meteorological Parameters as Groundwater Exploitation IndicatorsPathak, A.A.; Nizar, S.; Dodamani, B.M.-