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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Some Studies on Process Parameters in Centrifugal CastingMadhusudhanS, Narendranath; Mohan Kumar, G. C.
2013Modelling and Validation of Behaviour of Mushy State Rolled Al-4.5Cu-5TiB2 Composite using Neural Network TechniquesVithal, Nigalye AkshayHerbert, M. A.; Rao, S. S.
2013Performance Evaluation and Optimisation of Surface Grinding Process for Grinding of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites using Response Surface Methodology and A Novel Genetic Algorithm ApproachK., Dayananda PaiRao, Shrikantha S.
2013Fluid and Thermal Induced Vibration in Thin Slender TubeMarakala, NarasimhaK. K., Appu Kuttan; Kadoli, Ravikiran
2013Studies on The Performance, Combustion & Emission Characteristics of A Multicylinder Si Engine Fueled with lpg Along with Varying Steam Induction RatesK. S, ShankarMohanan, P
2013Development and Characterization of Functionally Graded Al-Si Alloy System and Al-Si/SiCP Composites using Centrifuge CastingS., Kiran AithalDesai, Vijay; Narendranath, S.
2013Performance Evaluation of Power Transmission Line Tower Made of Polymer Matrix CompositeM., SelvarajKulkarni, S. M.; Ramesh Babu, R.
2019Investigations on Characteristics and Performance of Hard Thin Films Developed by Cathodic Arc EvaporationBadiger, Pradeep V.Desai, Vijay H.; Ramesh, M. R.
2019Development and Characterization of Metal Injection Moulded Components in Improving Resistance to High Temperature Wear and OxidationC, Veeresh Nayak.Ramesh, M. R.; Desai, Vijay.
2019Heat Transfer Studies on Gas Turbine Combustor Liner CoolingFelix, J.Kumar, G. N.; Rajendran, R.