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Title: Power Quality Enhancement in AC-DC Converter Using Voltage Sensorless Control Technique
Authors: Saravana, Prakash, P.
Kalpana, R.
Singh, B.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Proceedings of 2018 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, PEDES 2018, 2018, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: This paper presents the power quality improvement in power supply systems and explains the corrective measures taken by means of front-end AC-DC converter. The front-end AC-DC converter having a boost type delta connected rectifier with voltage sensorless control technique is proposed. The delta switch rectifier enables the zero-sequence component circulation and thereby reduces the third harmonic component in the input mains. Further, the input voltage sensorless control is developed for the proposed converter which can maintain the power quality well within the IEEE and IEC standards and also, yields lesser switching loss, reduced switching stress and high output voltage. The performance of the front-end AC-DC converter configuration is validated by simulating in the MATLAB Simulink environment and the results are presented. The experimental setup for the front-end AC-DC converter is implemented in the laboratory to validate the MATLAB simulation results. � 2018 IEEE.
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