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Title: Optimization of control factors in tribological studies for as cast and 1Hr T6 treated Al25Mg2Si2Cu4Fe alloy using Taguchi methods
Authors: Sondur, D.G.
Mallapur, D.G.
Udupa, K.R.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Materials Today: Proceedings, 2018, Vol.5, 2, pp.8041-8048
Abstract: In this study, using the predictive model offered by Taguchi, optimization of wear parameters was carried out. Controlling factors such as sliding speed, load and T6 heat treatment (homogenizing hours) were considered. Pin on disc type friction monitor was used for determing the volumetric wear rate under constant speed for as cast and 1Hr T6 treated conditions. The L16 orthogonal array, signal to noise ratio (S/N) and regression results were used to arrive at optimal control factor values that affect the volumetric wear rate of the alloy. Combination of the dominating control factors has been predicted using Taguchi technique. Predicted combination of control factors were found to be close to the experimental observations i.e load was found to be a dominant factor for volumetric wear rate. Also 1Hr T6 treated alloy shows a higher volumetric wear resistance as compared to as cast alloy. � 2017 Elsevier Ltd.
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