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Title: Nonlinear optical studies of a novel pyrazoline
Authors: Janardhana, K.
Ravindrachary, V.
Kumar, P.C.R.
Umesh, G.
Manjunatha, K.B.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, Vol.1447, 1, pp.1261-1262
Abstract: A novel pyrazoline, 3-(phenyl)-5-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-(2, 4-dinitrophenyl)-2-pyrazoline (PHDP) was synthesized using standard method and its chemical structure was confirmed using FTIR studies. The linear and non linear optical properties of the compound were studied using UV-Vis and Z-scan techniques. UV-Vis spectrum shows that the compound is transparent in the visible region and absorption in the UV region. The z-scan study shows that the compound possesses third and higher order optical nonlinearity. The calculated optical absorption cross sections indicate that the operating nonlinear mechanism is reverse saturable absorption type. The real part of the third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility ?3 was estimated and the closed aperture data shows that PHDP possess negative nonlinearity. � 2012 American Institute of Physics.
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