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Title: Impact of injection timing on the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with cardanol blends
Authors: Dinesha, P.
Nayak, V.
Mohanan, P.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: ASPACC 2015 - 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, 2015, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: The present study investigates the effects of fuel injection timing (IT) on the performance and emission characteristics of a four stroke, single cylinder direct injection water cooled diesel engine when fueled with the blend of cardanol bio-fuel blends namely B10M10, B20M10 and B30M10. Tests have been conducted with an engine speed of 1500 rpm, fixed compression ratio 17.5:1, at full load condition and 220 bar injection pressure (IP). The performance and emission characteristics are studied at three different ITs. The fuel IT is varied by retarding 2 deg. and advancing 2 deg. with respect to 27.5 deg. bTDC and the tests are performed at 25.5, 27.5, and 29.5 deg. bTDC ITs. At the advanced IT, BSEC decreased as early start of fuel injection ensures more complete combustion owing to improved reaction between fuel and oxygen. Considerable reduction in CO, HC, and smoke emissions are achieved, while NOx emission showed an increasing trend with 29.5 deg. IT and 220 bar IP. The results of the present investigation of cardanol bio-fuel blends show slight variation in performance, combustion, and emission characteristics between B10M10 and B20M10 compared to B30M10 blend at 29.5 deg. bTDC advanced IT and 220 bar IP.
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