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Title: Energy harvesting by foot-propelled battery charger using shoe-model
Authors: Verma, N.K.
Singla, P.
Roy, A.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Advanced Materials Research, 2012, Vol.488-489, , pp.1268-1273
Abstract: This paper proposes an effective and convenient mechanism to transform and utilize biomechanical energy to electrical energy by presenting a self-powered shoe-model in order to tap the energy obtained for charging mobile phone battery. While walking in general, negative work is done by every human being in every single step taken. This negative work can be converted into electrical energy using a dc machine. The resulting energy could serve as ancillary source of energy for charging the batteries. The proposed self-powered shoe-model contains a permanent magnet DC machine, rack and pinion section and a signal conditioning circuit for charging mobile phone battery. The designed shoe-model has been successfully tested on Li-ion battery of a mobile phone from a reputed brand. � (2012) Trans Tech Publications.
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