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Title: Free Vibration Characteristics of Banana/Sisal Natural Fibers Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composite Beam
Authors: Rajesh, M.
Jeyaraj, P.
Rajini, N.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Procedia Engineering, 2016, Vol.144, , pp.1055-1059
Abstract: Natural fibers having more advantage compared to man-made fiber, such as glass, carbon, Kevlar fiber. But due to the hydrophilic nature of natural fiber gives poor adhesion between fiber-matrix. This will decrease the properties of polymer composite. In this study influence of surface pre-treatment with sodium hydroxide and hybridization effect of natural fiber are investigated on flexural test and free vibration behavior. In this work sisal and banana natural fibers are used in short and random orientations to prepare the polymer composites using compression moulding method. From the experimentation, it is found that chemical treatment improves the mechanical and free vibration properties of polymer composites due to the enhancement of interfacial bond between fiber and matrix as the result of chemical treatment. � 2016 The Authors.
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