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Title: Eclipta prostrata leaf aqueous extract mediated for the synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and its larvicidal activity against malaria vector
Authors: Rajakumar, G.
Abdul, Rahuman, A.
Priyamvada, B.
Gopiesh, Khanna, V.
Kishore, Kumar, D.
Sujin, P.J.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: 2011 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference, NMDC 2011, 2011, Vol., , pp.563-566
Abstract: Eco-friendly, nontoxic, inexpensive, abundantly available hitherto unreported Eclipta prostrata leaf extract is used for the biosynthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO 2 NPs). The TiO 2 NPs were characterized by FTIR, XRD, AFM and FESEM analysis. FTIR peak implicated the role of carboxyl group O-H stretching amine N-H stretch in the formation of TiO 2 NPs. XRD characterized in crystallographic plane of rutile phase. AFM showed uneven surface morphology which indicates the presence of both individual and agglomerated nanoparticles. FESEM analysis showed shape in spherical clusters, quite polydisperse and it ranges in size from 36-68 nm with calculated average size of 49.5 nm. In this paper, we have demonstrated a novel biological route for the synthesis of TiO 2 NPs and first report to assess the larvicidal activity against malaria vector. � 2011 IEEE.
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