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Title: Computer controlled intrusion-detector and automatic firing-unit for border security
Authors: Vittal, K.P.
Ajay, P.P.
Ajay, S.B.
Rao, C.H.S.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: 2nd International Conference on Computer and Network Technology, ICCNT 2010, 2010, Vol., , pp.289-293
Abstract: This paper describes a novel computer-controlled intrusion-detector and automatic firing unit, which may be used for the surveillance of borders, either of a country, or of areas requiring high security, especially in regions of extreme climatic conditions, where it is difficult to deploy personnel. This system not only detects intrusion but also provides a video-coverage of the suspicious area, for remote vigilance, via a satellite based communication system. It is also provided with automatic firing mechanisms which can be used to automatically locate and fire at the target. Thus, several kilometres of the borders, which would have otherwise required several hundred personnel, can be effortlessly monitored with this system, with only a few personnel. Since, the actual firing occurs only after an authoritative personnel has doubly confirmed the presence of an intruder, chances of firing at innocent people are completely ruled out. As thermal cameras are used for imaging, this system is immune to changes in ambient conditions, and therefore, is equally suited for operation during the night. This paper also throws light on the prototype of this system, which has been successfully developed. � 2010 IEEE.
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