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Title: A Tri-Band SRR Loaded Half Slot Antenna with Wideband Properties
Authors: Paul, P.M.
Kandasamy, K.
Sharawi, M.S.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 2018 IEEE Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean, RADIO 2018, 2018, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: In this paper, a compact tri-band split ring resonator (SRR) loaded slot antenna is proposed which offers independent frequency tunability for operation at WLAN and WiMAX bands. The microstrip fed slot antenna is loaded with a modified SRR to obtain the triband resonance. The compactness is achieved by using an open slot antenna. The slot is designed to resonate at 2.4 GHz, which combines with the resonance obtained due to a fictitious short circuit produced at a certain point along the slot. This leads to the wideband property at the first band. The second and third resonances are obtained at 7.5 GHz and 9.3 GHz. The resonances can be independently controlled by changing the slot and SRR dimensions. � 2018 Radio Society.
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