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Title: A novel reversible data embedding method for source authentication and tamper detection of H.264/AVC video
Authors: Maiti, S.
Singh, M.P.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2011, Vol.157 CCIS, , pp.349-355
Abstract: Authentication of multimedia content is required to proof the data integrity and establish the identity of the content creator. In this paper, we propose a source authentication and tamper detection scheme under the framework of H.264/AVC. To overcome the burden of sending authentication information separately, a novel reversible data embedding method is proposed. In this scheme, content based digital signature is generated and embedded in each frame of the video. Since human eyes are more sensitive to luminance than chrominance components of an image, only luminance components are used in this scheme to produce the digital signature. Proposed scheme is a hard authentication method, which is robust to luminance components of the video sequence. � Springer-Verlag 2011.
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