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Title: SGR: Secure geographical routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Lata, B.T.
Tejaswi, V.
Shaila, K.
Raghavendra, M.
Venugopal, K.R.
Iyengar, S.S.
Patnaik, L.M.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 9th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, ICIIS 2014, 2015, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: Geographical Routing Technique is a new trend in Wireless Sensor Networks in which the sensor nodes are enabled using Global Positioning Systems(GPS). This helps to easily detect the position of their neighboring nodes. The power consumption is more in the existing routing algorithms, since the nodes build the routing tables and the neighboring node IDs are determined by searching the routing table. In this paper, we have proposed Secure Geographical Routing (SGR) algorithm in which the data traffic and energy consumption is minimized using single copy data transfer. In SGR, initially one copy is transmitted to the next node using greedy approach and another copy is preserved in the sending station. If acknowledgment is not received even after timeout then the second copy is transmitted. This dynamic single copy scheme reduces the data traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks. Security algorithms are incorporated in every sensor node to prevent any malicious node attack that disturb the normal functioning of the network. Simulation result shows that the performance of the proposed algorithm is better in terms of packet delivery probability and energy consumption in comparison with existing algorithms. � 2014 IEEE.
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