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Title: Super resolution of video with sharpened edges using multiple frames - A novel approach
Authors: Pais, A.R.
D'Souza, J.
Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti
Patil, S.B.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: ARTCom 2009 - International Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing, 2009, Vol., , pp.98-102
Abstract: In most electronic video applications, video with Higher Resolution(HR) are often required. HR video can offer more details that may be critical in various applications like Video Surveillance. Super resolution technique refers to generation of high resolution image from low resolution image by adding some extra information. Super resolution allows us to reduce the need of extra hardware to obtain HR image. This paper proposes a new method for super resolution video generation with sharpened edges using multiple frames. Unique information present in subpixel shifted frames is extracted and used for frequency domain registration process. � 2009 IEEE.
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