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Title: Stability analysis of stratified soil slopes by optimization technique using Janbu's generalized procedure of slices
Authors: Arunkumar, Bhat, K.
Shivashankar, R.
Yaji, R.K.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: 12th International Conference on Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics 2008, 2008, Vol.6, , pp.4197-4205
Abstract: The networks to facilitate communications have created large number of cuttings and embankments all along the west coast of India which is subjected to high intensity of rainfall. The heavy rainfall has converted the stable slope to unstable slopes over the years. Hence there is a need to study the effect of rainfall and other factors on the stability of slopes. Typical stratified slope is considered for the stability analysis and the general computer program is developed in C language which optimizes the factor of safety. The factor of safety is calculated using Janbu's GPS and Davidon-Fletcher-Powel (DFP) technique is used for optimization. The slope with berm or without berm and with or without tension crack are analyzed for stability. The factor of safety decreases with the increase in unit weight, pore pressure ratio, height of slope and slope angle and improves with shear strength parameters and berm width. The program is flexible in varying the input parameters to suit to the field conditions and their effects are presented in this paper.
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