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Title: Smart and secure monitoring of industrial environments using IoT
Authors: Puranik, S.
Mohan, J.
Chandrasekaran, K.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2015, Vol.10-13-August-2015, , pp.644-649
Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) standard is giving rise to complex smart systems where in it has been made conceivable to captivate objects we experience in regular life, to interact and exchange information over a wireless network. The steep surge in industrialization and poor strategies used in controlling industrial pollution has resulted in degradation in the quality of environment around us. Negligence of leakage within an industry can result in massive hazards like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. This paper proposes a secure IoT framework to smartly connect industrial surroundings. Our proposed framework helps in monitoring the level of pollutants, particulate matter and effluents released into the environment, notifying concerned authorities whenever their permissible level surpasses. Also we smartly connect the houses in close vicinity, so that precautionary measures can be taken to evacuate people in times of unexpected leakages. Our paper also discusses the various technologies and the security assessments being done to make it a complete secure system. � 2015 ACM.
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