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dc.contributor.authorJadhav P.H.
dc.contributor.authorGnanasekaran N.
dc.contributor.authorPerumal D.A.
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Heat Transfer Vol. 143 , 1 , p. -en_US
dc.description.abstractThe intent of the current research work is to emphasize the computational modeling of forced convection heat dissipation in the presence of high porosity and thermal conductivity metallic foam in a horizontal pipe for different regimes of the fluid flow for a range of Reynolds number. A two-dimensional physical domain is considered in which Darcy extended Forchheimer (DEF) model is adopted in the aluminum metallic foam to predict the features of fluid flow and local thermal nonequilibrium (LTNE) model is employed for the analysis of heat transfer in a horizontal pipe for different flow regimes. The numerical results are initially matched with experimental and analytical results for the purpose of validation. The average Nusselt number for fully filled foam is found to be higher compared to other filling rate of metallic foams and the clear pipe at the cost of pressure drop. As an important finding, it has been observed that the laminar and transition flow gives higher heat transfer enhancement ratio and thermal performance factor compared to turbulent flow. This work resembles numerous industrial applications such as solar collectors, heat exchangers, electronic cooling, and microporous heat exchangers. The novelty of the work is the selection of suitable flow and thermal models in order to clearly assimilate the flow and heat transfer in metallic foam. The presence of aluminum metal foam is highlighted for the augmentation of heat dissipation in terms of PPI and porosity. The parametric study proposed in this work surrogates the complexity and cost involved in developing an expensive experimental setup. © 2021 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). All rights reserved.en_US
dc.titleNumerical consideration of LTNE and darcy extended forchheimer models for the analysis of forced convection in a horizontal pipe in the presence of metal foamen_US
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