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Title: Dynamic mechanical characterization of epoxy composite reinforced with areca nut husk fiber
Authors: Muralidhar N.
Kaliveeran V.
Arumugam V.
Srinivasula Reddy I.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Archive of Mechanical Engineering Vol. 67 , 1 , p. 57 - 72
Abstract: Natural fiber polymer composites are gaining focus as low cost and light weight composite material due to the availability and ecofriendly nature of the natural fiber. Fiber composites are widely used in civil engineering, marine and aerospace industries where dynamic loads and environmental loads persist. Dynamic analysis of these composites under different loading and environmental conditions is essential before their usage. The present study focuses on the dynamic behavior of areca nut husk reinforced epoxy composites under different loading frequencies (5 Hz, 10 Hz and 15 Hz) and different temperatures (ranging from 28◦C to 120◦C). The effect of loading and temperature on storage modulus, loss modulus and glass transition temperature was analyzed. Increase in storage modulus is observed with increase in loading frequency. The storage modulus decreases with increase in temperature. The glass transition temperature of the composite is determined to be 105◦C. The elastic modulus calculated from the DMA data is compared with three point bending test. © 2020 Polish Academy of Sciences. All rights reserved.
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