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Title: Vibration analysis of fully and partially filled sandwiched cantilever beam with magnetorheological fluID
Authors: Srinivasa N.
Gurubasavaraju T.M.
Kumar H.
Arun M.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Vol. 15 , 5 , p. 3163 - 3177
Abstract: This paper presents the experimental and computational study on damping effect of the fully and partially filled sandwich cantilever beams. The sandwich beams referred as adaptive beams have a core layer filled with magnetorheological fluid (MRF) between two aluminium face plates. Forced vibration tests were conducted under different magnetic fields with the application of external force in the form of sinusoidal sweep excitation using an electrodynamic shaker. Effect on damping and natural frequency due to change in MR fluid core thickness of 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm for the fully filled beam and fluid core length of 75 mm, 150 mm and 250 mm for partially filled beam were investigated. Modal and harmonic analysis of the MR sandwich beams were carried out using FE analysis. The results indicated that in the case of the fully filled beam, a reduction in the natural frequency with the increase in MR fluid core thickness and a better damping at 2 mm fluid core thickness were observed. Also, in the case of the partially filled beam a reduction in natural frequency and improvement in damping is found with the increase in core length and magnetic field. The results of these analyses can be useful in designing the sandwich beams for structural application. © School of Engineering, Taylor's University
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