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Title: Overview of the HASOC Track at FIRE 2020: Hate Speech and Offensive Language Identification in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English and German
Authors: Mandl T.
Modha S.
Anand Kumar M.
Chakravarthi B.R.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series , Vol. , , p. 29 - 32
Abstract: This paper presents the HASOC track and its two parts. HASOC is dedicated to evaluate technology for finding Offensive Language and Hate Speech. HASOC is creating test collections for languages with few resources and English for comparison. The first track within HASOC has continued work from 2019 and provided a testbed of Twitter posts for Hindi, German and English. The second track within HASOC has created test resources for Tamil and Malayalam in native and Latin script. Posts were extracted mainly from Youtube and Twitter. Both tracks have attracted much interest and over 40 research groups have participated as well as described their approaches in papers. In this overview, we present the tasks, the data and the main results. © 2020 ACM.
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