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Title: Comparative study of natural fibre 3D braided yarn woven fabric and simply twisted yarn woven fabric reinforced epoxy composites
Authors: Kanakannavar S.
Pitchaimani J.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings , Vol. 2247 , , p. -
Abstract: In this study natural fibre 3D braided yarn plain woven fabric (NFBF) and natural fibre simply twisted yarn plain woven fabric (NFSF) are prepared and tensile tests are conducted on braided yarn, simply twisted yarn, NFBF and NFSF. Then the tensile results of braided yarn compared with simply twisted yarn and NFBF results with NFSF. The composites are manufactured by reinforcing prepared fabrics (NFBF and NFSF) with the epoxy resin. On these composites tensile and flexural properties characterisation is carried out in warp and weft directions of the fabrics. SEM analysis is used for fractured surface study. The test results showed that, simply twisted yarn and its fabrics (NFSF) are presented better strength than that of the braided yarn and its fabric (NFBF). The NFSF/epoxy composite in warp direction loading received higher tensile strength and flexural strength of about 67.12 MPa and 131 MPa. © 2020 Author(s).
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