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dc.contributor.authorGoudar S.K.
dc.contributor.authorGedela S.K.
dc.contributor.authorDas B.B.
dc.identifier.citationLecture Notes in Civil Engineering , Vol. 75 , , p. 719 - 728en_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents the recent research progress on the response of concrete exposed to fire or high temperatures. The main highlight of this review paper is a compilation of previously reported data regarding the variations in mechanical properties and microstructure properties of concrete when exposed to high temperatures. The concrete structures get deteriorated at the macro- and microscopic levels due to high-temperature exposure. The macro-level damages can be measured with degradation in mechanical properties such as the reduction in compressive strength, weight loss, changes in elastic properties, reduction of bond strength in reinforced concrete, etc. The macro-cracks on the surface of concrete causes spalling which can be observed after exposing the concrete samples to more than 300 ℃. The compressive strength of the concrete reduces slightly till 400 ℃, and when the temperature increased to 600 ℃, there was an exponential reduction in the compressive strength of concrete. Another important parameter is bond strength degradation, which plays a crucial role in durability issues. To understand the deterioration phenomenon and changes in mechanical properties, the changes at the level of the microstructure of concrete need to be understood. Dehydration of products causes deterioration of mechanical properties and weight loss of concrete when exposed to high temperatures. At different temperatures, the microstructure changes and the response of hydration products such as calcium hydroxide (CH), CSH gel, unhydrated cement and capillary water reported by previous researchers are compiled and discussed. © 2021, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.en_US
dc.titleA Review on Mechanical and Microstructure Properties of Reinforced Concrete Exposed to High Temperaturesen_US
dc.typeBook Chapteren_US
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