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Title: Defence applications of polymer nanocomposites
Authors: Kurahatti R.V.
Surendranathan, A.O.
Kori S.A.
Singh N.
Kumar A.V.R.
Srivastava S.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Defence Science Journal, 2010, Vol.60, 5, pp.551-563
Abstract: The potential opportunities promised by nanotechnology for enabling advances in defence technologies are staggering. Although these opportunities are likely to be realised over a few decades, many advantages are currently being explored, particularly for defence applications. This review provides an insight into the capabilities offered by nanocomposites which include smart materials, harder/lighter platforms, new fuel sources and storage as well as novel medical applications. It discusses polymer-based nanocomposite materials, nanoscale fillers and provides examples of the actual and potential uses of nanocomposite materials in defence with practical examples. © 2010, DESIDOC.
URI: 10.14429/dsj.60.578
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