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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Reliable and robust transmission and storage techniques for medical images with patient informationNergui M.; Acharya U.S.; Acharya U R.; Yu W.-
2010Ocean energy technology development - The challenge of this millenniumNeelamani S.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2011Review of thermo-physical properties, wetting and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids and their applicability in industrial quench heat treatmentRamesh G.; Prabhu N.K.-
2011Reactive wetting, evolution of interfacial and bulk IMCs and their effect on mechanical properties of eutectic Sn-Cu solder alloySatyanarayan; Prabhu K.N.-
2011Optimization of deposition conditions for bright zn-fe coatings and its characterization1Bhata R.; Bhat K U.; Hegdea A.C.-
2011Oxide bifilms in aluminium alloy castings - A reviewGopalan R.; Prabhu N.K.-
2011Forestry reclamation of disturbed surface mine landsTripathi A.K.; Bhattacharya J.; Pal S.K.-
2015Automated Carotid Artery Lumen Measurement Utilizing UltrasoundSharma; AM; Araki; T; Kumar; A; Ikeda; N; Lavra; F; Rajan; J; Saba; L; Nicolaides; A; Laird; J; Shafique; S; Suri; JS-
2019Correction to: Influences of dielectric and conductive fillers on dielectric and mechanical properties of solid silicone rubber composites (Iranian Polymer Journal, (2019), 28, 7, (563-573), 10.1007/s13726-019-00724-4)Shankar B.S.M.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2016A review of technological development in water hazards control in China coalminesGui H.; Venkat Reddy D.; Sun L.-